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Course Fee-

Full programis available in 27500/- .

Subject wiseclass facility is also available.

Streams Offered

ChemicalEngineering classes for Gate 2019

ElectricalEngineering classes for Gate 2019

MechanicalEngineering classes for Gate 2019

CivilEngineering Classes for Gate 2019

ElectronicsEngineering Classes for Gate 2019

InstrumentationEngineering Classes for Gate 2019

Computer Sc.Engineering Classes for Gate 2019


Program idwill remain active till gate 2019.


These arelive and recorded lectures of Gate Classroom Program at our Delhi Centre. Weare running gate coaching classes since 1997. Faculty is experienced and we doprovide classes and problem sessions followed by subject wise test series.


Why Online Classes for Gate 2019

Now is thetime to step ahead to the world of technology. Over the years, we have had thesame traditional learning process. Attend the coaching institute, sit in theclassroom, listen to the teacher, make notes, study, attend the doubt sessions,prepare for the exam and choose career from the available options. It takes atleast five months for the syllabus to revise!

Onlinecourses are a breath of fresh air which breaks the classroom learning mold. Onlinelive classes have taken the world of education by storm. Alumni from IIT andIISc have designed our adaptive module which not only makes learninginteresting but also helps in retaining it in memory for a long time.

Theadvantages of taking online courses are


1. Gate Online classes for Gate 2019are Convenient

The mainadvantage taking an online course is,

Both theclassroom and instructor are available 24/7 with online education.

Theexceptional mitigate for missing a class is not being online, as everything isavailable to you at your fingertips.

You getaccessibility to receive notes and assignments.

You canreview assignments and take practice quizzes, also discuss questions and chatwith fellow students who are taking free online courses with you.

Other thanspecified due dates, you make your schedule for completing the requirements ofthe course.

2. Gate Online classes for Gate 2019are Flexible

You can studyanywhere-anytime

You can studywith wherever you want to, from the comfort of your home or in the library orthe bus. You get to choose the place!

An individualhas no worries about presenting oneself by dressing up! You can wear anythingthat you prefer.

Onlinelearning gives you the flexibility to indulge in your passion (Do not want tomiss your team’s cricket match) or spend time with family and friends.

Many haveissues with health which forbade them to attend full-time courses; online studygives them an opportunity to pursue their education

3. Gate Onlineclasses for Gate 2019 are at your doorstep

Theinvolvement in the course is high

Onlinelearning helps the parents to look over and know what their children arestudying.

Onlinecoaching methods like animation and graphics help children develop a keeninterest in learning.

4. Gate Onlineclasses for Gate 2019 program allows direct interaction with faculty

Onlinecourses have a significant advantage when it comes to serving direct pipelinebetween the student and the online tutor.

Let's have athrowback time, how many of us were uncomfortable asking questions or clearingdoubts for the fear of feeling like a dud? With a direct pipeline with theonline tutor, you can clear the doubt in a jiffy through email

Theopportunity to learn efficiently is enhanced with online learning process

5. Gate Onlineclasses for Gate 2019 give flexibility to acquire skills

One canacquire skills through an online course, like we are also providing GD & GTguidance along with classes.

An onlinecourse will open an arena to gain information through the internet whichgarners possibilities to learn technical related things.

6. Gate Online classes for Gate 2019are a method of Efficient and active learning

How many ofus remember what we read in Grade 7th or any course we have learnt? Thereality is, we are not capable of retaining that is learnt. But with onlinetraining, we tend to remember what is taught. As we are sitting alone withoutdisturbance.

Onlineteaching involves many techniques which spark interest.

Visuallearning, commonly known as e-learning ensures that whatever is learnt retainsin the memory for a long time.

Onlinecourses are adaptive which will help you to remember lots of things.

7. Gate Online classes for Gate 2019are lighter on pocket

Onlinecourses are less expensive when compared to classroom coaching.

One can savea lot on travelling cost and time when opting for an online study.

The tangiblebenefit of not missing college or work to attend a classroom coaching is whatonline coaching shall offer you.

8. Gate Online classes for Gate 2019is a self regulated Learning program

When it comesto online courses, vacillation is the greatest foe! One learns to keep up withthe pace of learning.

One can neverdelay in submitting assignments when it comes to online courses.

Motivation isthe driving force when it comes to online learning as there is no one over yourshoulder to tell you to study.

Theresponsibility of taking up the course and successfully completing it solelylies upon an individual.

The number ofadvantages is more than this, hoping that the general idea of taking the onlinecourse is disseminated. Considering the busy and hectic lifestyle we have,online education is the best bet. The opportunity one gets to learn at anytime-anywherebroadens education to greater horizons.

Fee Structure for this Course:
Regular(GATE)-2015-16Chemical EngineeringRs. 27500
Regular(GATE)-2015-16CivilRs. 27500
Regular(GATE)-2015-16Computer ScienceRs. 27500
Regular(GATE)-2015-16Electrical EngineeringRs. 27500
Regular(GATE)-2015-16Electronics & Communication EngineeringRs. 27500
Regular(GATE)-2015-16Mechanical EngineeringRs. 27500
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